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Policy and Advocacy

WPHA is a strong voice for public health policy in Wyoming.  We advocate for accessible public health policy to key decision makers to address public health concerns. Check out our recent policy efforts below. 



2023 Session

The WPHA Senior Government Consultant worked hard in the 2023 legislative session promoting the voice of public health in Wyoming. WPHA actively monitored, supported, or opposed over 30 bills during the 2023 legislative session. Fifteen (15) of those bills ended up in law, with some wins and some continued challenges facing public health moving forward. 


Key Highlights of the 2023 session include:

  • WPHA actively supported Medicaid expansion efforts. WPHA worked alongside several other organizations including the American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Network, and Wyoming Equality on an OP-ED, in support of Medicaid expansion in Wyoming and highlighting potentially detrimental health impacts to proposed amendments to the bill. 

  • WPHA actively supported HB004, which was officially enacted into law, and provides medicaid coverage to qualifying pregnant women for twelve (12) months postpartum. 

  • WPHA worked to oppose bills that would have limited effective public health response to disease prevention and threatened public health authority. 

  • WPHA worked to oppose bills that would have placed restrictions on pregnant mom’s in Wyoming experiencing substance use disorder. 


WPHA Board of Directors work closely before and during the Legislative session with the Senior Government Consultant to identify legislative topics most critical to the public health system and infrastructure and prioritize advocacy efforts. In 2023 the priorities identified included:

  • Upholding the Affordable Care Act, including the Prevention and Public Health Fund and increasing access to healthcare coverage for all Wyoming residents.

  • Strengthening the roles of Public Health

  • Protecting the Public Health System and supporting community infrastructure


Are you interested in joining the conversation around public health policy in Wyoming? Become a member today and join the Policy Subcommittee!


Other Advocacy Work and Accomplishments

In addition to work on specific bills before and during the legislative session WPHA invites state lawmakers to a Public Health Week event for general education about the work of the WPHA and public health in Wyoming. 


WPHA regularly partners with other Wyoming organizations in promoting public health policy including:

  • Wyoming Medical Society

  • Wyoming Hospital Association

  • Wyoming Association of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers (WAMHSAC)


WPHA actively participates as an American Public Health Association (APHA) Affiliate, engaging in dissemination of policy statements and signing on to letters of support for public health efforts that work to promote and increase public health capacity and resources at the Federal level. Topics WPHA has supported in recent years include:

  • Gun Violence Prevention Research 

  • Oral Health Care Access among Veterans

  • Medicaid Expansion and Increased Access to Healthcare Coverage

  • Expansion and Continuation of Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Funding

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