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Wyoming Public Health Association provides members with news and useful information to help promote their professional growth. Get a feel for the industry, learn more about the kinds of services we provide and stay updated with all our latest developments. If you’d like more information about what we do and how to join us, get in touch directly.

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Funding Opportunity for Students

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice is now accepting applications to support student projects during the 2023-24 school year. 

Approximately twenty students will be funded up to $3,500 each. Applications will be evaluated based on the project’s public health practice focus, attention to underserved areas and populations, and feasibility.


Read more about funded projects from past years and review the current application deadlines and procedures. For questions, contact Barb Rose.

WyHealthTrain Grants

Newly enrolled students in a healthcare career pathway may be eligible for up to $10,000 toward the cost of completing a qualified healthcare program within a 2-year timeframe. Preference given to those enrolled in a Nursing or Behavioral Health Pathway; however other healthcare career pathways are eligible. 


How to Apply

  • The application window will be mid April through May 31, 2024 for those enrolling for the Fall 2024 semester.

Application forms and additional information can be found at the WyHealthTrain website. If you have any questions or need clarification as you are completing the application, please contact the WyHealthTrain team for assistance at 

Applying for Grants to Support Rural Health Projects

 Developed by RHIhub, this guide can serve as a starting point for those who need assistance to begin the grant writing process. It will cover tips on searching for rural-specific funding, grant proposal preparation, building successful funding relationships, and planning for program sustainability.

Guide topics include:

Communications Tool: Plain Language for Public Health

 The Public Health Communications Collaborative has created a new Plain Language for Public Health guide to support public health communicators in creating messaging to advance health literacy, build trust in your organization as a source of information, and promote overall community health. In this guide, you’ll find plain language principles, simple techniques that can make your communications more accessible, and resources to learn more about plain language to help build your communications skills.

Communications Tool: Strategies for Developing Culturally Driven Public Health Communications

Recognizing and incorporating the diversity of people’s cultures, values, and beliefs is essential to effectively communicating with multicultural audiences. Through culturally driven communications, public health professionals can prioritize the preferences and perspectives of target audiences and ensure each priority population feels represented within messaging, visuals, and outreach.

The Public Health Communications Collaborative and HCN co-created “Strategies for Developing Culturally Driven Public Health Communications” to support public health communicators in effectively communicating with multicultural audiences. This guide is divided into three sections – messaging, visuals, and outreach – to support the development of your public health communications. Each section offers strategies and tools to help you create materials that build stronger relationships, increase credibility, and improve health outcomes.

Roots of Health Inequity Online Course

The Roots of Health Inequity Online Course Series, offered by NACCHO, is a free online resource designed to equip public health professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to address the root causes of health inequities in their community. Revamped for 2024, the course explores topics such as the historical influences of public health, root causes in race, gender, and class struggles, and building power to advance equity in public health practice. The all-new platform will allow users to tailor their learning experience, view stories from the field, and facilitate group conversations about the content, online, and in-person. The new Roots of Health Inequity will launch at NACCHO360 in July. Learn more: NACCHO to Launch Revamped Roots of Health Inequity Online Course - NACCHO.



WPHA Memorial Student Scholarship Fund

The WPHA Memorial Student Scholarship for Outstanding Student in Public Health was established by WPHA in 2005 to honor those individuals who are pursuing higher education and who have distinguished themselves through their leadership, commitment, and contributions to the field of public health.

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